Don’t Run, We Got Derby Dozen Volume I

An eclectic group of bloggers and twitterers (or tweeters?) got together to rank their top 12 Kentucky Derby contenders. It’s kind of like an AP poll except that, since we’re opinionated, we added our two cents in a comments section. As the prep season progresses we’ll vote every two weeks until the Derby. Here’s results from poll #1:

Rob from Amateurcapper
Brian Appleton from Railrunner
Carly Kaiser
Gene Kershner from EquiSpace
Jessica Paquette
The Turk
Dylan Jarmulowicz
Brian Zipse from Zipse at the Track
The Knight Sky Racing blog
Steve Munday from

Here’s a previous iteration of the WirePlayers Derby Dozen from Dec ’09; but this was just based on one man’s opinion.

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9 Responses to Don’t Run, We Got Derby Dozen Volume I

  1. Thanks for the invite Steve. This project makes me ponder that age old question…Are ten minds better than one? I look forward to see where this dozen takes us.

  2. Dylan says:

    Looks good Steve, lets see if we can get this right.

  3. Steve says:

    Brian, Dylan,
    Thanks for being part of the poll! Good things can happen when horseplayers work together. And with the Lecomte and Holy Bull set for this weekend, we’ll see if any new contenders step up.

  4. Hey Steve, looks great, thanks for inviting me to join!

  5. LDP says:

    Nice list. I agree with comment on Conveyance, he just didn’t appeal to me much in his last win. I will be looking forward to watching Jackson Bend this weekned and seeing how he handles a field this deep. Overall a really good list.

  6. Steve says:

    Brian, thanks for participating, it’s great to have you onboard!

    LDP, thanks for dropping by and the nice compliment. The list was a group effort and lots of fun to put together.

    I tend to agree re: Conveyance. The San Rafael field he beat didn’t seem all that tough. The Holy Bull, on the other hand, is loaded. We’ll see if JB is for real.

  7. LDP says:

    Whoooo! Both my top two faves went one two in the Holly Bull. That was a deep field and both winner and runner up performed beyond what was expected. I thought Aikenite would do, better, but my gut pick, even though I didn’t listen to my gut, William’s Kitten got up for the third.
    I was very impressed with Maximus Rule. He set a very solid pace, faught off two bids, and was only passed when he didn’t see RtG until it was too late. IMO RtG took advantage of the hot pace and the fact that MR had alreay faught off two challengers. MR did all the dirty work in that race and still barely got beat.

  8. Steve says:

    Both the Holy Bull and Lecomte were exciting races. I was high on William’s Kitten, but thinking he’ll do better around two turns. He should be at huge odds again in the Fountain of Youth; especially if Buddy’s Saint, Jackson Bend, and Winslow all show up.

    James Graham did a nice job w/ Ron the Greek. He just sat back and let RtG make his run. Totally agree that Maximus ran a great race. I think he’s a more talentd horse, despite coming in 2nd.

  9. Railbird says:

    Great ponies listed. Seems a little heavy on Calif. runners. Beware of the rest of the country. The east coast always seems to be in contention. Its very early & I think this list will change as the G1 races had run.

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