Worth the Wait – Derby Dozen Volume VIII

The time is at hand to finally see who’s the best three-year old in the land. And then the next day, they’ll run the KY Derby. (rim shot please)

For bragging rights (or shame if their horse finishes last), here’s our top Derby picks:
LOOKIN AT LUCKY – Geno, Carly, Rob, Jessica, Brian A.
AWESOME ACT – Brian Zipse
ICE BOX – Steve

At the suggestion of Ms Carly Kaiser we added a new wrinkle to our Derby Dozen poll this time: we’ll also predict last place, or the “Brancusi Award” as Norm (TKS) recommended. Now “picking the caboose” as Geno likes to say, is not something I usually do in public; but for the Derby I’ll make an exception. Heck, maybe this will catch on and next year Churchill will make it a real wager. But CDI doesn’t pay us to come up with ideas so let’s just keep this under our hat.

Special thanks to our over-worked and under-paid Derby Dozen panel:
Rob from Amateurcapper
Brian from Railrunner
Carly Kaiser
Geno from EquiSpace
Jessica Paquette
The Turk
Dylan Jarmulowicz
The Zipster from Zipse at the Track
Norm from The Knight Sky Racing blog
Steve from WirePlayers.com

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8 Responses to Worth the Wait – Derby Dozen Volume VIII

  1. Geno says:

    Steve, thanks again for including me on this. I really had a great time and it was fun reading everyone’s comments. Good luck tomorrow and Saturday!

  2. FYI The Brancusi Award was first given to Patrick Biancone trainee Brancusi in the 2003 Derby.

    He finished a valiant 16th in a field of 16 in Funny Cide’s Derby. ๐Ÿ˜‰ So to honor his mettle, this award has been a growing tradition over the years.

    The Brancusi award, while not exactly a coveted accolade before the race, is an award where the also rans can perennially distinguish themselves through their (lackluster) effort on the first Saturday in May.

  3. WirePlayer says:

    No problem Geno, the Derby Dozen has been a blast thnx to you & our other panel members. Good luck this weekend!

    I remember Brancusi – didn’t he set the pace for about 3/4 of a mile and then walk home the final half? That was a good Derby if only because I had the winner at ~14-1; which made me look like a genius to my friends. Of course, my record since has been pitiful which is why I’m still bragging about the 03 Derby.

  4. tencentcielo says:

    Pletcher better practice his metallurgy skills for Calvin’s HOF plaque… ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. So someone correctly picked Backtalk for The Brancusi.

    WTG ! ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. WirePlayer says:

    I’m the one who picked BACKTALK. I only wish that was a real bet cause I didn’t have SUPER SAVER on any of my Derby tickets. But I had ICE BOX and PADDY on all of them & that damn Borel got me again. Any other jock, & SUPER SAVER probably doesn’t even sniff the board.

    BTW, very prescient comment by Turk: “when there’s a Calvin, there’s a way.” Truer words were never spoken.

  7. Steve,

    Who picked SUPER SAVER to be last?

    Here was my comment on him:

    “5. SUPER SAVER (B. C, Mar, by Mariaโ€™s Mon โ€“ Supercharger, by A.P, Indy) Pletcher takes Chip Woolleyโ€™s advice and begs his jock to take back to last and make a late run on the Bo-rail.”

    So it wasn’t from last, but it was on the Bo-rail!

  8. WirePlayer says:

    Great comment. I thought Calvin might try to take him back, but I wasn’t so sure it would suit SUPER SAVER based on how he won his previous races. Wonder what would have happened had Talamo tried that strategy w/ SIDNEY’s CANDY?

    TKS had SUPER SAVER last. Guessing he expected him to get compromised in a speed duel.

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