Gasping for the Wire – Derby Dozen Volume VI

The Derby prep season is usually a war of attrition and this year holds form. In fact, we had our final vote just before Derby contender TOBY’s CORNER backed out due to an injury. What remains is a race with a rather ordinary field and few clear standouts.

It looks like DIALED IN will take most of the money as arguably the most consistent performer of the bunch and he gets the final #1 ranking in our poll (which we understand is highly valued among all the Derby connections). However, we’re a deeply divided group as 7 of the 20 starters received 1st place votes. And then there’s DECISIVE MOMENT who’s 50-1 on the morning line, but sneaks into the Dozen by virtue of TOBY’s withdraw. Can he sneak into the winner’s circle. Well, I know at least one guy who thinks so!

Special thanks to our tireless Derby Dozen panel:
Brian Zipse from Horse Racing Nation
Rob from Amateurcapper
Derek Brown
Brian from Railrunner
Carly Kaiser
Geno from EquiSpace
Jessica Paquette
The Turk
Tony Bada Bing from A Leg Up
Dylan Jarmulowicz

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7 Responses to Gasping for the Wire – Derby Dozen Volume VI

  1. tencentcielo says:

    Uh…uh…uh… Go Derby Kitten!!! Avenge your older brother William!! 😛

  2. tencentcielo says:

    Also, Thanks for having this wonderful ranking system Steve!! Thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the process!

  3. Steve Munday says:

    Thanks Chris, it’s been great having you aboard this year!!

  4. Have a great time at CD!!! I’m envious! Thank for having me along again this year.

  5. BTW, I believe DIALED IN is a deserving favorite but I wrote a post knocking both he and UNCLE MO who were my #1 and #2 rated Derby horses.


    I just can’t get behind the synth. runnrers…AK and BS will be eating a lot of dirt (or mud), something their works didn’t prepare them for.

    NEHRO’s way too short @ 6-1, but his late kick will play well @ CD. Read that his last work was pretty bad.

    M cubed could also be a price horse to include. SANTIVA at 30-1 or more is a big threat to round out the exotics.

    Good luck!

    Thanks again for including me in the Dozen, it was a blast writing and reading the comments.

  6. Steve Munday says:

    Thanks Rob, it’s been great working with you on this for another year.

    I like Arch3 too, but the #1 post is a major setback. I like SANTIVA as well to make some noise.

    For completeness, here’s everyone’s #1 votes:
    DIALED IN: Rob, Tony Bada Bing, Carly
    TOBY’S CORNER: Dylan, Jessica
    UNCLE MO: Brian Appleton
    NEHRO: Brian Zipse
    ANIMAL KINGDOM, Derek, Steve

    So the only people who cannot be proven wrong this weekend are Dylan and Jessica!

  7. Dylan J. says:

    Haha fitting that the two from Suffolk would land on the same horse. I’m going back to ANIMAL KINGDOM and will most likely box him, SANTIVA, MUCHO MACHO MAN and DERBY KITTEN getting in last minute with Javier riding. Only a matter of time before Javy wins one.

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