Off and Running at Atlantic City Race Course

Today marks the start of the limited all turf meeting at Atlantic City Race Course, or as some call it “Aye Cee.” The meet is just six days long each year, but features full fields and solid racing over what used to be the greatest turf course in America. Below are some angles to consider when playing Atlantic City.

  1. Speed – Last year the turf course played like a conveyor belt, the first horse to the lead won a majority of the time and during such a short meet (6 race days over 7 days) it’s a trend that is likely to be in play for the duration of the meet.
  2. “Horse for Course” – One of the oldest tricks in handicapping, but still very effective at AC.
  3. Jockeys – Last Year Kendrick Carmouche led the jokey colony with 8 wins from 24 starts (33%), Stewart Elliott (21%) and Frankie Pennington (23%) were second and third respectively
  4. Trainers – Kevin Boniface, KA Demasi, Micheal Pino, Guadalupe Preciado and Ramon Preciado all won two races last year.
  5. Enjoy – Atlantic City Race Course is a place with a long legacy and while it’s sad there are only six days of live racing per year, it’s still great to see a full grandstand at a track that refuses to die.

Good Luck!

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