Who’s Your Daddy? The WirePlayers Derby Dozen (Volume 5)

After four months of preps, I’m not sure we have a better handle on what will happen in the Derby than when we started. This isn’t because we haven’t been paying attention, it’s just there’s about a dozen horses in the race that look to have a chance to win. Once you consider horses that can fill out the exotics, you’ve got a pretty long list (well, I do at least).

Uncertainty makes for excitement, and I gotta feeling this will be one of the most exciting Kentucky Derby’s we’ve seen in years (aided by the potential for some some HUGE exotic payouts).

But which horse is going to win? As you can tell below, opinions vary (see everyone’s entire ballots here).

For me, I’m torn between Bodemeister and Gemologist. My heart belongs to Bode, but my gut says Gemologist. Gemologist is ultra consistent with two wins at Churchill and the look of a horse that just doesn’t like to lose. But Bodemiester could be a flat out freak; the question is whether he’s ready to freak right now. For the sake of my friends at Audley Farm and my pride in the Old Dominion, I hope so. One thing’s for certain, I’ll be rooting hard for Bodemeister to make history!

I can’t say enough about the people who volunteered their time and expertise to be part of our Derby Dozen panel; many thanks!
Brian Zipse from Horse Racing Nation
Rob from Amateurcapper
Derek Brown
Geno from EquiSpace
The Turk
Tony Bada Bing from A Leg Up
Paul Mazur
Dylan Jarmulowicz
Crystal Conway

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