Like a Bad Penny – WirePlayers Derby Dozen (Volume I)

It’s back. Embarking on our 4th spring of passing judgment upon Kentucky Derby hopefuls, it’s fitting to paraphrase Judge Smails, we didn’t want to do it, but felt we owed it to them.

We assembled a panel of 12 horseplayers and racing fans from around the country to rank their top 12 Derby contenders. To maintain integrity, ensure accountability, and prevent claims of geographic bias, we have the East Coast, Midwest, and West Coast all represented. Our results are even auditable.

What’s remarkable about this year’s Derby is the new points system. Whereas graded stakes earnings determined the 20 starters in the past, Churchill Downs instituted a completely fair and balanced point system to weight the value of the prep races. What this means is that big money winners like SHANGHAI BOBBY and GOLDENCENTS may still have work left to guarantee their Derby spot. Not sure how it will play out, or even if it’s better or worse than the previous system, but it should make the prep season even more exciting and tension filled.

But enough with all that BS, behold the spectacle that is the WirePlayers Derby Dozen Volume I:

Here’s the fine people who volunteered their time and expertise to be part of our Derby Dozen panel:
Brian Zipse from Horse Racing Nation
Rob from Amateurcapper
Derek Brown
Geno from EquiSpace
The Turk
Tony Bada Bing from A Leg Up
Paul Mazur
Dylan Jarmulowicz
Andrew Mangini
Crystal Conway

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