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A Trifecta of Fear, Stupidity and Greed

The past decade presented horse racing an unprecedented opportunity to generate revenue and solidify itself as a viable self-sustaining sport. What transpired instead was a sharp and steady decline in wagering handle as the racing industry pursued the one thing certain … Continue reading

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Betting on Horse Racing

There’s plenty of speculation as to why horse racing declined as a major American sport since its last heyday in the ’70s. Was it the decision not to broadcast races on network TV, the spread of state lotteries and Indian casinos, endless industry infighting, changes … Continue reading

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We Are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For!

“We are the ones we have been waiting for”; this gets to the heart of something that’s been bugging me about the state of racing, and the racing industry, for a long while now. There are millions of racing fans and horseplayers out there who are die-hard followers of the sport and most of them seem unhappy with the sport’s current direction. However, these passionate and sophisticated individuals are a powerful resource that the industry has by and large ignored. We all know racing has tons of problems that go beyond image and perception. However, instead of waiting for someone to come along and save the day, it’s up to us; the fans, the horseplayers to drive change and shape the future. The time is at hand. Continue reading

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